Jared & Monique

I am so fond of this couple! You can spot their love for each other a mile away! And their wedding was a celebration of just that!

I did their engagement shoot earlier this year and just by hearing about the wedding back then I got super excited! And I wasn’t disappointed! A lot of effort when into this wedding and it showed. I was blown away by Monique’s beauty and Jared’s charm! Jared I still think you can go as Ludacris’ double!

We took photos at the amazing Old Castle Brewery in Woodstock and if we had unlimited time we would probably still be shooting! What an amazing building(s)! I was really looking forward to shooting there and I wasn’t disappointed!

Thank you guys for having me as part of your day, it was such a blessing to be a witness of this great moment in your lives! Stay as in love as you are now and always keep God as the centre of your marriage! I’m looking forward seeing what He’s got in store for you! Enjoy the photos!

PS Thank you to my awesome second shooter Bernadette from BE Photography! You’ll see she did what she had to do to get the best shot! Even if it meant taking photos through my legs… πŸ™‚


Jared & Monique_001

Jared & Monique_011

Jared & Monique_019

Jared & Monique_030

Jared & Monique_034

Jared & Monique_041

Jared & Monique_053

Jared & Monique_061

Jared & Monique_065

Jared & Monique_067

Jared & Monique_072

Jared & Monique_075

Jared & Monique_081

Jared & Monique_088

Jared & Monique_095

Jared & Monique_101

Jared & Monique_106

Jared & Monique_110

Jared & Monique_123

Jared & Monique_126

Jared & Monique_129

Jared & Monique_132

Jared & Monique_134

Jared & Monique_136

Jared & Monique_140

Jared & Monique_141

Jared & Monique_152

Jared & Monique_156

Jared & Monique_159

Jared & Monique_172

Jared & Monique_175

Jared & Monique_179

Jared & Monique_180

Jared & Monique_183

Jared & Monique_185

Jared & Monique_199

Jared & Monique_204

Jared & Monique_215

Jared & Monique_237

Jared & Monique_241

Jared & Monique_259

Jared & Monique_262

Jared & Monique_280

Jared & Monique_285

Jared & Monique_309

Jared & Monique_310

Jared & Monique_311

Jared & Monique_331

Jared & Monique_333

Jared & Monique_335

Β Here you can see Bernadette peeking through my legs to get a great shot!

Jared & Monique_321

Jared & Monique_337

Jared & Monique_345

Jared & Monique_351

Jared & Monique_355

Jared & Monique_357

Jared & Monique_329

Jared & Monique_313

Jared & Monique_325

Jared & Monique_367

Jared & Monique_363


Jared & Monique_370

Jared & Monique_376

Jared & Monique_380

Jared & Monique_384


Jared & Monique_387

Jared & Monique_389

Jared & Monique_392

Jared & Monique_393

Jared & Monique_397

Jared & Monique_399

Jared & Monique_403

Jared & Monique_407

Jared & Monique_409

Jared & Monique_410

Jared & Monique_417

Jared & Monique_419

Jared & Monique_428

Jared & Monique_430

Jared & Monique_431

Jared & Monique_434

Jared & Monique_437

Jared & Monique_439

Jared & Monique_441

Jared & Monique_444

Jared & Monique_446

Jared & Monique_449

Jared & Monique_454

Jared & Monique_456

Jared & Monique_459

Jared & Monique_462

Jared & Monique_468

Jared & Monique_475

Jared & Monique_478

Jared & Monique_496

Jared & Monique_499

Jared & Monique_515

Jared & Monique_516

Jared & Monique_521

Jared & Monique_534

Jared & Monique_538

Jared & Monique_546

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    1. ilse de klerk says: Reply

      Thank you Raeesah! Much appreciated!

  2. Ilse I am inlove with my photos!!! I had thee best photographer!! Thank you so much

    1. ilse de klerk says: Reply

      Ah thank you Monique! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ You guys are awesome!

  3. Jamain says: Reply

    You guys looked amazing wow u had a beautiful wedding I absolutely love the photography ill def consider u for my wedding.

    1. ilse de klerk says: Reply

      Thank you Jamain! That will be great! I’m looking forward to it!

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