Nicholas & Amber

I was so excited when Nicholas emailed me about this secret proposal he was planning. I kept thinking back to when my husband proposed to me and how special it was and how it is a big moment in your life. I feel so privilege to have witnessed this proposal and to share in the happy moment.

We had this whole story planned of how I was going to be the official photographer of the boat we were going on and how they can ‘buy’ the photos from me afterwards. Just to discover that Amber figured it all out! But when the time came it was so emotional and special! I was wiping the tears behind my camera while trying to capture the moment! And the best news ever? SHE SAID YES!!!

Nick and Amber you are the most gorgeous couple and you are just 2 awesome people! I loved getting to know you and share in your big moment! I wish you the best and brightest future together! What a beautiful wedding this is going to be! Enjoy this awesome time in your life! What a way to start a new year!

ilse xXx

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