Martin & Almie

Where do I start with this wedding!

How about 17 years ago when I met Martin. They come down every December from Pretoria on holiday to the same little West Coast town my family has come to for years. So I met him and the rest of his family in 2000 and we’ve all been friends ever since! When I go visit them it feels like home and they feel like family!

And then Martin met Almie! And he couldn’t choose a better match for himself! This wedding was special in more than one way. Not only did Almie wear her mom’s wedding dress but they were blessed by the guests contributing to the wedding. I’ve asked Almie to tell the story herself. It’s quite a long post so go make yourself a cup of coffee while it’s loading.

Almie: We met not too long ago in the same little apartment we live in now. Soon after we met we realised we found the ultimate adventure partner in each other. 

The first date. We went to a music show at the Voortrekker monument (the same place our little wedding reception was). 

The first kiss. One Monday after communal dinner at our Echo family, we had our first kiss in the church next door’s parking (the same church we got married at).

The proposal. We stayed at Akwaaba predator park and spa for a surprise weekend away. We had relaxing treatments the Saturday morning (well it was relaxing to me, afterwards he told me how nervous he was then) and went on a tour of the park (it was raining so we stopped halfway through and was soaking wet). We went for lunch and as we sat down the waiter told us she had a table for us outside. She took us to this cute little table on a porch overlooking the beautiful garden. While we were having lunch a little lion cub came out on the porch with the ring around its neck ? So he got on one knee and asked the big question so beautifully and I said yes! 

The rings. The engagement ring is a family heirloom and originally belonged to his great-grandmother, who got married in 1917. 100 years ago. With the wedding, the original wedding band was added with the initials of the great-grandparents and their wedding date still engraved on the inside. Martin’s wedding ring is also a family heirloom. His ring belonged to his grandfather, after whom he was named. Both rings are made of a unique blend of rose gold and gold with rose cut diamonds.

The wedding. A community celebration! We believe a wedding is a celebration where two people make an incredible commitment to each other in front of their friends, family, and community, so that they may keep them accountable. So the community help made this huge celebration possible. All the beautiful stationery designs were a wedding gift from a talented friend. The breathtaking photos are one of the most amazing gifts anyone can get as a gift! Several loved ones baked their favourite cakes as part of the ‘wedding cake’. Just to mention some. Everybody helped set-up, dress-up & clean-up…weird and wonderful gifts!  

Something old. The wedding dress was my mother’s wedding dress which she made herself in 1986. In 2017, 31 years later, she and my new mother-in-law help alter it into my dream dress.

Something new. Fabulous and adorable new high heels for the kaalvoet kind.

Something blue. A handmade crochet garter made by my new mother-in-law. 

Something very blue. A big blue puffy heath!

That’s how our new adventure started.

Martin en Almie ek wens julle die wereld se geluk en liefde toe! Baie dankie dat ons kon deel in jul spesiale dag. Ons mis julle vreeslik en kan nie wag om julle weer te sien nie!









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